Osama Bin Laden

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A helper or a terrorist?

In his country he was viewed as a religious leader, and a man that was helpful.

Osama Bin Laden gave free healthcare and an education for all people.

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Definition: Information, especially of biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view.


The event of September 11, 2001 relates to the book V for Vendetta because they both have propaganda, and someone responsible for “terrorism”.

In V for Vendetta there was a controlling government that sheltered the people from the world, and only exposed them to what they wanted them to be around. Propaganda occurs when it comes to the characters V and Evey Hammond.

V noticed there was more than just being sheltered physically, it was a mentality also. To make Evey feel free inside and out V took it upon himself by making her feel under pressure, alone, and stripped of everything.

When it came to the murders of people who were affiliated with Larkhill Evey thought it was wrong, but once she saw V’s point of view and that he was a victim victimizing others she understood why he was carrying out the attacks.



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The Idea

Why would the government do this?

Most people would do anything for money. If the WTC was ever “damaged” in some type of way the insurance the owner had over it would get lots of money in return.

Still over 2.5 million hasn’t been collected from insurance dollars from this event, but think about how much has already been collected.


The Government

Many people will admit to saying they don’t trust the government but when it comes to other theories about the event of September 11th of 2001 they trust what they are told. Which is blaming “terrorists” for harming Americans with terrorists threats and acts.

But what if more people thought of the possibility of Americans doing such a horrid thing to themselves.

Not many people know of all of the previous planning or “coincidences” there were before leading up to the planning of September 11th.